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It is a different Place!!!

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"Congratulations!!! You are a lucky person 'cause you've just visited a beautiful place. Gosh .... how did you come to know of this very secret place?! OK, you are the th Great Guest in my place. Please enjoy yourself - make yourself at home! I hope you will find some useful information and some interesting stuff here.

By the way, welcome to my Personal Homepage. Let me talk about myself a bit. My name is N.S. Sisworahardjo and I work for Power Systems Research Laboratory EE ITB. I'm originally from Magetan, a little town in East Java, Indonesia. I obtained a Bachelor and Master degrees in electrical engineering Institut Teknologi Bandung, which is the famous technical university in Indonesia. Now, I am a junior lecturer in The Electrical Engineering Department of Institut Teknologi Bandung. I am persuing my Ph.D. degree at Electrical and Computer Engineering of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. My majoring is Electrical Power System. If you want to know about me further, just check it out my Professional Homepage and if you want to see my favourite daily, check it out, here!!!

Thanks for visiting my Personal Homepage. Here you will find some things unique in the World Wide Web. And don't forget, if you have enough time, please sign My Guestbook and give me your comments about this site.

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You can reach me by e-mail at: Abdi Dalem.
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